2020 6th Class Hoodies

Dear 6th Class  Parents

It is time to place orders for 2020 6th Class leavers Hoodies. We have an option of just having our pupils names printed on the back of hoodie for schools that have difficulties in obtaining signatures, however  we feel that 6th class have missed out so much in their last year in primary school so feel that having their actual signatures printed would be extra special for them under the circumstances. So I've come up with a suggestion of having a table outside my house with the template on it for each pupil to sign. I will have it there tomorrow, Thursday 23rd April and Friday 24th from 12pm until 2pm on both days. I will also need parents to choose size of hoodie they would like. ( I've attached design of 2020 Hoodie, sizing chart and a sample of Template )  
If possible please bring your own Black pen. I will have gloves if needed. Also please adhere to the ongoing social distancing requirements if any of you arrive at the same time. I will text parents my address and contact no 

Thank You Fiona 


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