Google Classroom Launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of Google Classroom for Scoil Naomh Lorcan. Please be mindful that teachers are still undergoing training in using this platform at this time. We plan to keep things basic for now, especially for children in younger classes. As a staff we are also very aware that not everybody has equal access to IT and internet facilities. Because we are introducing this new system while children are not able to attend school and learn about it with their teachers, we also realise that there may be lots of difficulties as parents and children alike find their ways. Please be patient and enjoy the learning process.

Google Classroom is basically an online platform where teachers can organise learning activities for children in specific classes. Your child will join their classmates and will be able access activities to do while at home during the current period of school closures. We will also continue to use Google Classroom when children return to school and we can see it becoming a very useful tool.

Initially, Google Classroom will not be much different from the current system where teachers put work up on the school website. Teachers will continue to do this, the difference being that from next week on, weekly activities will only be visible on Google Classroom. The great thing about Google Classroom is that teachers will be able to give feedback to pupils about the work they have done. The best way may be for parents to take a photograph of their child's work and email it to the teacher. Alternatively, teachers may post the answers to a particular activity for parents and pupils to correct themselves. It is likely that different methods will be used depending on the age of the pupil. Older pupils may have access to a laptop and may be able to complete work on their laptop and submit it directly.

I mentioned at the start of this piece that I am very aware that not all families have access to good internet facilities. Difficulties may also exist in larger families where children are all trying to use one device. With this in mind, I would ask you to email the school and let me know if you have a particular difficulty in this regard. This is very important so we can figure out a way to assist you.

In the meantime, check out some Google Classroom tutorials for students and parents online. I'll add a few links below but be aware that these are just general overviews to Google Classroom. Some tutorials are very advanced and may be aimed at older children. Some Google Classroom facilities may not be enabled on our system. For example, children will not be allowed to use Hangouts to talk to their friends. This is for Child Protection and is best internet safety practice. We may, in the future, organise a class meet with teachers and we will let you know when this is to happen.

Mr. Mac Grianna

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