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Parents and Pupils,

The website,,an on line library,is very useful to keep children busy reading.It is free to register.I know lots of my class love reading about animals.The Natural Geographic books are available to read here.Pupils can also choose the read- to- me option if they wish.

3rd class pupils

There is a lovely art competition, some of you may wish to enter, which entails designing a cover for Gordon Snell`s book-The Supermarket Ghost-the first two chapters can be read from The O`Brien Press website.All details of the competition can be got from the website, date is 1st May 2020.


Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather.









19th March 2020.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and happy.

Just a reminder of some work parents can help their children with while learning from home.


1st,2nd and 3rd class pupils can write their daily diary.1st class can write basic sentences like-Today is Thursday.It is spring.It is March.It is a beautiful day.I am working hard at home.I went for a walk.I watched a film.

2nd and 3rd class pupils can write the above sentences, but they must add their own personal news.All children can draw a picture to go with their piece of writing.

2nd and 3rd class pupils can continue with their Read At Home books.Do one story/comprehension per day.

If you have storybooks at home,please read them with your children.



Continue with learning tables-3rd class,concentrate on x6 this week and next week x7.

1st and 2nd class pupils-revision of tables plus1 and then plus 2 next week.

Master Your Maths-

All pupils continue where you left off .

Operation Maths-

All of the Operation Books are now available to view online.The website is, username is,primaryedcobooks,the password is edco2020.

The teacher`s resource book is available on line and this will give you instructions on how to teach the mathematical concepts.

1st class-for this week and next week,please concentrate on covering the topic -Fractions.It is a great topic to cover at home as it needs lots of practical activities-sharing food,cutting food up in fractions.There are lots of activities in the Teacher`s Resource Book online.Pupils can cover the pages 95-100 in their pupil book.

Please keep up the mental math`s work everyday-addition of doubles,near doubles,what is the half of 4,6,8,16 etc.Add 10 to 5,add 10 to6.What is the number before 19,21,66,....on the 100 square.Tell me a number that is less than 17.A number that is less than 37 etc.

3rd class-for this week and next week the topic is -Fractions.We have started this topic but you better start from the beginning of the chapter.Please see pages 101-109 of Teacher`s Resource Book on how to teach the mathematical concepts.Pupils can cover pages 71-81 of the Pupil Book and the pages 82-83 on revision.

Please keep up learning your tables.

2nd class-topic  for this week and next week is -Angles.Page 102 and 103.Pupils need to be able to recognise a square angle (right angle),and relate it to everyday environment.For example,corners of books,doors etc.-Please do lots of practical activities making angles with lolipop sticks,straws,pens,pencils.Draw these angles.Ask-is it smaller/greater than a right angle?Then look at angles when telling the time-if the angle makes a square corner it is a quarter to 12.Look at other angles on the clock.

The second page requires children to plot on a grid and perform turns left and right.Then making a quarter turn etc.Lots of discussion neede on this topic.

Would be a great idea to make a clock with a paper plate.

Keep up the mental mathematics by playing Buzz and Shoot The Sheriff.

To all pupils......

Don`t forget the following websites....

The  school hub,here you will get access to the game-The Great Tables Challenge.No need to register,it`s a sample activity.

Go Noodle-for dancing and singing

Cosmic kids-yoga and meditation

Twinkl-free to register

Oxfordowl-for literacy activities.

I hope you all are keeping well and happy.Don`t forget to keep up the mile a day.You could even do ,two mile a day-if the weather is nice.See you all soon and stay safe everyone!


P.E. Lessons

Parents-please check out  -you tube-The Body Coach T.V.

P.E. with Joe, starting Monday at 9am for 30minutes eacH LESSON.



MONDAY,23RD MARCH 2020.coolcool

I  hope everyone is keeping well and safe.We are very lucky to have such beautiful weather,I hope you are out enjoying it.Don`t forget to keep up your run/walk a mile daily.For those of you who participated in this morning`s P.E. lesson,I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it.

Parents,please encouage your child to write a letter to the residents of The Carlingford Nursing Home,this week or next.They could address their letters by writing,Dear Friends....They could write about themselves,describing their family,friends,favourite film and books.They could ask their friends to pray for someone who has died or is sick.The letter could include a picture of the pupil`s house or family or friend.




1st Class

Please continue writing your daily diary.

Pick a letter each day,starting with A,think of six words beginning with that letter and write a sentence for each word.You will write six sentences per day.

For oral language,please log on to starlight,click resources,you will see the language  posters we do in class.With these posters,there are lesson plans.Each poster covers a two week period ,doing two lessons a week.1st class are working on the poster -The Sun.


1st class

Continue your work in -Master Your Maths.

Continue your tables-plus 2.

Continue your work in-Operation Maths.Remember log into

Username-primaryedcobooks and Password-edco2020.Please complete the chapter on fractions pages 95-100.



2nd class

Continue your work in-Read At Home.

Continue writing your daily Diary/News.

Please identify three verbs,three adjectives and three nouns from your book or Read At Home and write a sentence for each one,(nine sentences per day).



2nd class

Continue working on your-Master Your Maths.

Continue learning your tables-plus two.

Continue your work on -Operation Maths pages 104 and 105.

Parents ,try to do lots of discussion on these two pages.A lot of topics are covered here.Please do some rounding mentally with your child,for exampleround 56/67/45/25 etc to the nearest 10.

Round 123 /145/166/189 etc to the nearest 100.

Another activity your child could do is draw a 100 square,fill it in..Colour and count in 5`s,draw another one ,colour and count in 3`s.The children know these sequences from our daily game of buzz.

Another activity using a 100 square-ask your child to pick out twao numbers between 1 and 50,your child has to add the smaller number to the bigger number..Repeat several times.The revision also has a 2D and 3D section.Ask your child to identify these shapes in their own home,example , a tin of beans is the shape of a cylinder.Identify what shapes will/will not roll/stack.

Pupils will need a ruler to complete page 105.Please ensure pupils use the ruler accurately.



3rd class

Continue with writing your daily news/diary.

Continue your work in-Read At Home.

Written exercise to do each day  from Tuesday-identify five adjectives,five verbs and five nouns in your book or Read At Home.Use each of these words in a sentence(15 sentences).

Pick your favourite story/book.Write a book/story review.Write a summary of the plot,describe the characters,write your favourite part of the story was.Draw a picture of your favourite story.




3rd class

Continue your work on -Master Your Maths.

Continue your work on tables-x7

Continue your work on -Operation Maths

You should continue working on the topic of Fractions which you started last week.Try to do the exercises on Page 71-78 and the revision work Pages 81-83.





I hope everyone gets lots and lots of time to play outdoors .Keep safe and well ,everyone.Hopefully,see you soonsmile



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