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                                                                                 22nd December 2020


Dear Parents,

You may be aware that the current pandemic has prevented us from forming a new Parents’ Association Committee. This means we haven’t been able to fundraise for our wonderful school. A few brave parents have decided to try to raise some much needed funds on New Year's Eve by plunging into the freezing water at Templetown. 

Considering the year we have all endured, the plan is to WASH 2020 AWAY with a bang. Please support us and if you feel brave enough, feel free to accompany us to say goodbye to a year we'll never forget.

We are conscious of the fact that Christmas is an expensive time for families so any donation will be greatly appreciated. 

The swim will follow all Covid Guidelines and we will share a socially distanced photo of the event on the school website. 

Thank you for continuing to support us and we look forward to seeing you on New Year’s Eve.

Date: New Year's Eve

Time: 12pm



The Covid Crazy Parents

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