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A Chara,

We hope this email finds you well. We want to thank all the schools who previously shared our extra curriculum "Computing and Coding Classes". Due to numerous requests, we have two new members slots starting on the 7th of July (only 20 places available)

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share with your student's parents to make them aware of this opportunity.   

It is hugely encouraging to see how we have awoken as a nation to the importance of having our children exposed to Computer Science (CS) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT).

Term Length and Cost.  7-Weeks and €75.

Due to so many requests, we will be offering 1 Summer Introduction Term for present NON MEMBERS. These will start on Wednesday 7th of July, and you have two categories. Click the below link to see prices and details

  1. Age 7 – 9 Introduction  - Wednesday Start 7th of July @ 17:00 – Term is for 7 weeks.
  3. Age 10 – 12 Introduction  - Wednesday Start 7th of July @ 18:00 – Term is for 7 weeks.  

Parents can learn all about us at via our introduction videos at

Computing, Coding and Cyber-Safety Options for Your School.

We all hope you enjoy your upcoming break. We look forward to working with you in the 2021/22 academic year via Computing At Schools. What can we help you with?

  • Cyber-Safety Programmes for Students, Parents & Staff.
  • Teacher Computing and Coding CPD
  • In-Class Coding Programme 2nd to 6th Class

Visit Us At:


Trevor Murphy, HDip MSc

Principal & Lead Mentor.

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